After creating custom dresses for over 25 years, we have decided to bring you a line of what you really want. Camouflage is not just a part of the backwoods, it is a part of your lives, so why shouldn't you spend one of your most important days with it? At Weddings in Camo, we take feminine fashion trends and mix it with your favorite prints. By producing everything in house, we are able to monitor quality of all our products so you receive only the best.

Our main focus at Weddings in Camo is the fit of our garments. We want all our customers to feel comfortable and confident in our products so we make sure that the fit is right. To do this we incorporate extra darts and elastic when needed to fit a true body, not just a model, and to prepare for days where we may be a little fuller.

We create all of products in our design studio to ensure that all are created with the best quality we can offer. Our goal is give you a single place to do all of your shopping for your wedding party's needs without having to search racks upon racks in stores. It's our mission to make your special day match what you've been dreaming about since falling in love.

Brooke and Joni Van Sickle
Creative/Technical Design Team 

Joni Van Sickle has been a professional designer in the fashion industry for over 25 years, specializing in high-end construction of bridal gowns, and has recently teamed up with her daughter to start producing gowns. Brooke has studied in Florence, Italy at Academia Italiana Università, as well as, graduated from Iowa State University in Apparel Design and Production. After working in New York City, she decided to start designing her own collection.