Pay per Click: AKA- Money Sucker November 27 2013

After launching a website, you receive all these coupons for pay-per-click advertising sites, like Google Adwords and Facebook ads. Who doesn't like free money? Especially when it's going to help get your name out there.

So you fill out all the fields, select the best tags you think customers will use to find your products, and cross your fingers.

Facebook ads make you choose between driving traffic to your site or paying less to drive traffic to your Facebook page. While ideally you want site traffic, having dedicated followers would be nice to spread news about new products and specials you're running. So you opt for the Facebook page ad and use the search engine pay-per-click to bring traffic to your site.

It's always the most exciting to see all the clicks you have and what words they are using. Except, when you look closer, sometimes those clicks cost $3-$5! Is that even a thing?? How does that equate? I would think a click should be like a quarter (Does this make me sound like the older generation that's always complaining about how everything used to be cheaper 'back in their day'?)

It's great that you're finally getting people to look at your site and view your products, but is it actually worth spending all this money. Especially when you drop $150 in one week and only sell one thing? When there are so many other things to spend money on like materials to make your products. You can't sell without products.

Now you have a bunch of followers but they aren't visiting your site. You have people clicking your link but they aren't returning. There have to be cheaper ways to be searchable without selling the family jewels (or selling your services, because you weren't blessed with family jewels). Welcome to Start-up Search Engine dot com. Spend a monthly fee after a large set-up fee and they will get you on all the major search engines. Just give them 4-6 weeks to get the search engines to realize you're a real business.

I didn't realize that being searchable required so much paperwork. Maybe being found through social media is the right avenue?